Monday, 20 January 2014

Sacked...Fired...but Not Done.

Hi guys!

Before I begin this post I just want to say sorry for not posting anything last week. I was busy sorting out stuff for work (more about that later) and I hadn't had time to write a blog post. Now I have plenty...

There's no easy way to say I'm just going to come out with it...I've been sacked. I know, I have never mentioned having a job, and up until recently I didn't have one. That all changed a few weeks ago.

Let me start from the beginning...A few weeks ago I was approached by an up and coming shoe company asking me to be their Spanish community manager. Each week I would need to write fashion related blog posts as well as tweets and posts on Facebook. I have never been a community manager before, but as they say "there's a first time for everything."

My initial thoughts were "OMG this is insane". I was going to be paid for something that I love doing, and it was a new experience. I was worried I wasn't going to be any good, but it only took me a day to accept their offer.

But something's must come to an end, and after only working with them for 2 weeks my time with them was up.

I feel a little annoyed. I had so many ideas for the blog, but my boss told me that I had done an amazing job, they just needed someone that had more free time.

OK so I got fired, big deal. Other great things will happen, and it has been a pleasure working for them and has given me new ideas...but most importantly it's taken me out of my comfort zone and given me new experiences. Those were both resolutions I wanted to achieve this year, and in a way I have.

What I'm trying to say is that things in this life are going to push you, knock you's your decision as to whether you let them affect you or not. I've been excused from work, like many others. Something else will come up for me...for you. Just wait and see. Xx

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