Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The 2013 Year In Review Tag

Hi peeps!

I don't usually post on a Tuesday, but I've been tagged by the lovely Michaela from Michaela-la. Go check her amazing blog - I absolutely love what she writes.

The rules to this tag are simple:

1. In your post, be sure to link back and tank the blogger who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions and tag a least 5 other bloggers.
3. Include the badge in your post.

Let's get this tag started!

1. Your top five favourite blogs to read in 2013

2. List your five most read blog posts of 2013
Hello There
Christmas Backing with Claire....Rocky Road
Turning 20
New Year's Resolutions
Sacked...Fired...but Not Done

3. Name one blog you wish you had found sooner
The blog I wished I had found sooner is Life of a Trainee Journalist. I have only started following her, but love what she writes. She is also training to be a journalist, like me, so I can relate to her in a way. You guys should really check her out.

4. Your favourite blog post of 2013
I think my favourite blog post of 2013 has to be my Choosing A Path Is Never Easy post. That was a moment in my life that I was proud of, and I wanted to share that with other bloggers to tell them that even thought we have so many choices to make in life, we have to be happy with the one that we do choose. I don't know if I inspired anyone, I hope I did though.

5. Would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog this year?
This year I would like to improve my blogs layout and add a few different widgets. I want my blog to have a crisper look, as I think it looks a tiny bit amateurish.

6. Name a blog you have a blog crush on
I absolutely love Brighton Dream's blog. I love her content and always read her new posts.

7. How often do you post?
I always try to post once a week. Sometimes I'll post twice, but that's very rare. There's sometimes a lack of inspiration, but I try to overcome that and get something out for Friday.

8. Share your first post of 2013
My first post of 2013 was in August when I first started blogging. It was a simple "Hello There", introducing myself to everyone.

9. Name one thing you'd be doing if you weren't typing this post right now
One thing I would be doing if I wasn't typing this post right now would be reading a book, or listening to music.

10. What have you loved most about blogging this year
What I've loved about blogging is that I'm able to talk about things that interest me, and am able to share that with all of you. I also love commenting on other girls blogs and then them commenting something back to me. Everyone is lovely on Blogger and there's a sense of community that lacks outside of the online world.

The bloggers I would like to tag are: Kik's Choice, My Chic Adventure, Katieemay, Firoza and The Girls Next Door.

Again, I would like to thank Michaela for nominating me, and I can't wait to read your replies!


  1. Lovely answers Claire :) I also find it really hard to come up with inspiration for posts at times! xx

  2. Love this tag! Thank you very much- we enjoy your blog too :)