Monday, 26 August 2013

Hello there | Lifestyle

Hello there and welcome to my blog! As I'm new here I probably should introduce myself.
Hi! my name's Claire, I'm 19 and I was born and raised in the UK. When I was 10 my parents decided to move to the south of Spain taking me with them. Nine years later I'm still living and kinda loving Spain. I have just finished high school, and  I'm now looking to go to Uni and study a degree in journalism.

Ok so that the basics done. Now let's get down to the nitty and gritty stuff about Miss Claire Thomas

I was born on a cold Friday morning on 14th January in 1994. Which makes me a Capricorn.

I am known to be a very shy person and at times I can come off as a bit stand-offish, but to those who know me best I can never shut up.

Friends and family give me weird nicknames like : Claireruchi, Clara Bara or the normal Claire Bear and Clairey.

I'm quite tall, blonde and have blue eyes (which are the envy of all my friends as they all have brown eyes). I'm also an only child - sometimes I wish I had an older brother, but I can't complain.

I read all the time, whether it being a book, newspaper, stories online or even blogs. I'm always reading. I also write a monthly column for a free English magazine. You could say that writing is my passion. Writing is my haven, I feel safe, if that makes sense.

My favourite colour is blue or pink, depending on my mood.

My favourite TV show is Made in Chelsea. It's a reality show which lets you into the lives of many different people. I don't really like reality TV, but Made in Chelsea is one of the best. It's addictive.

I listen to a lot of music, ranging from One Direction, Coldplay, Calvin Harris to Nicki Minaj and Glenn Miller.

I may have tiny obsession when it comes to guys, but hey I'm a girl.

I don't class myself as a fangirl, just someone who likes a certain band or singer. I don't mind other people fan girling, but its just something I wouldn't do.

 Twitter is my life. As well as Facebook and Instagram.

Oh...and yes I am single :(

Right I think that's about it for now, if you want to know anything else about me then feel free to ask.

Talk to you guys soon

Claire x

P.S  This is me :)


  1. Nice to meet you! haha how tall are you by the way? because IM quite tall as well!

    1. Hey nice to meet you too! I'm 5ft 7, I don't know if people would consider that tall, but my friends all say that I am. xx

  2. Wish you a lot of fun with your blog :)

    I follow your blog now :)

    Greetings from Germany :)

    1. Thank you! and thanks for following my blog, I will check yours out now :)

  3. Hey Claire,
    You seem like a really really nice girl (very socializing and lively as well :) )
    What are your some favorite books or what kind of books you like ? and what are your hobbies ? :)

  4. Hey!!
    Thank you for your comment. I try to be socializing, but sometimes me shyness gets in the way :)
    I like many different types of books, like romance, fantasy, humour, historical fiction etc. For me, the cover and the synopsis have to be really good because that's what draws me to a book. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series as well as the added chick lit like the carrie diaries.
    My hobbies ...umm I don't know if listening to music counts as a hobby, but I enjoy baking cakes and painting (although I'm terrible at painting) I also like to do a bit of yoga from time to time and sometimes I might go for a run, but that's very rare lol :)
    I hope you enjoy reading more of my posts, thanks again for the lovely comment :) xx

  5. super awesome intro! hope your year is going well

  6. Hey Claire! You have a very insightful blog, loved to check it out.. n leme add that you look so pretty in your picture =)

    Please check my blog/s out too and follow me back aswell