Thursday, 29 August 2013

An unexpected visitor

 We had an unexpected visitor of the four legged type come and stay with us this summer. Here's what happened.

A few weeks ago my mum was out talking to some neighbours when a white stray dog appeared. She was gorgeous and looked like a West Highland Terrier. But she was filthy and malnourished. It seemed that this little dog had taken a shine to my mum. And on finding our gate open she decided that we were to become her new family.

Unfortunately we couldn't keep her, as we already have Bobby (my dog) and a grumpy cat. We decided to foster her until she found a permanent home. I knew it wouldn't be long until she did, as she was a lovely dog. But until she found one, she stayed in our front patio and was given food and water, as well as a blanket so she could snuggle. She stayed with us for 2 days.

During the weekend at kind neighbour called on us saying they had bought some dog shampoo and was willing and able to give her a bath, she collected her after lunch and said she would return “Poppy” as I had christened her later in the day. But Poppy never returned because with her cute little face and adorable attics she won over our lovely neighbours in just a short period of time.

I'm thrilled she got a new home and I am happy that she is so close by. She now has a caring family. She got the happy ending she deserved, but there are so many cats and dogs out there that are not so lucky.

I don´t know for certain if she was abandoned or lost but all pets become part of the family and as the Walt Disney film Lilo and Stitch says “Ohana” means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Remember you're pets are you're family they just like wearing furry suits.

Here are a few photos of her:
She's such a cutie :)

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