Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Fairy Tale Tag

Hello everyone!
First off a huge thank you to Michaela from Michael-Leigh for tagging me in "the fairy tale tag". There seems to be some very personal questions, which I´m a little nervous at answering, but it just means that you lovely people get to know me a little better. Let´s get started!

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Not really. I suffer from breakouts like everyone, but I have a tiny bit of scaring and that's kinda knocked my confidence a little. Over the years I've learnt to accept my looks. Sometimes I have bad days where I look awful, and then there are others when I think "oh! I look quite nice today."

Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep at night?
I think I sleep for around about 8 hours, so the average. Although there are times where I like to stay in bed a bit longer.

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?
This question made me laugh. No I don´t have a curfew. I think if I did then me and my parents would definitely be sitting down and discussing why they felt to do so. I'm lucky though, in the sense that I know my parents trust me, therefore I have more freedom.

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?
That all depends on the weather and where I am. I do like to go out and explore, but here in the summer it gets really (and I mean really) hot. But in the winter I like to take my dog for a nice walk and feel the wind in my hair.

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers easily?
No! I'm very cautious when it comes to trusting strangers. I don't know if that's good or bad. It takes time for me to trust someone.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids - Are you fooled easily?
I'd like to think that I don't get fooled easily. My dad says that I'm quite mature for my age, and I know what's what.

Beauty and the Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
I don't think that being beautiful only represents someone's looks. Beauty can mean someone whose respectful, kind and most of all honest.

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love?
You shouldn't sacrifice anything for love. If someone truly loves you then your flaws won't matter. That's how I see it!

The Frog Prince - What do you find disgusting?
I absolutely hate blood, to the extent where if I saw it I probably would faint. I also can't stand the smell of eggs and I think brussel sprouts are disgusting.

Jack and the Beanstalk - Do you have any plants?
Yes - I don't have any that are purely mine, but between my parents and I we share them!

Puss in Boots - Do you have any pets? If not, do you want them?
I have a cat called Saffy and a dog named Bobby.
Bobby came to us 9 years ago after a friend of mine said "oh Claire you really must have this dog." Apparently he was throw out of a moving car. It took all of 5 seconds for my dad to say we could keep him.
Saffy is 7 and was given to us by a friend. She's an extremely grumpy cat and is like my little sister who likes to knick my makeup brushes.

Bluebeard - What is your weak point?
I get paranoid over silly little this and it drives me insane.

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish?
To be happy and to have achieved my goals. 
Peter Pan - What is your mental age?
My dad says I've quite mature for my age, which is true. I know far too much about politics than I should for my age.

The Star Money - What is your most valuable possession?
I don't have anything that's valuable in money. They're more of a personal value. I have a small jewellery box that has a few pieces that my Grandma gave me and my Mums charm bracelet. I should wear them, but I like knowing that they're safe. Photos are another valuable item.

The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend? What would you do for them?
My best friend is called Mairena or May as she likes to be known. We first met in year 5, but didn't become friends until year 8.  During the past seven we've been inseparable. We've shared some many laughs a few heartaches here and there, but we've suck together through all of that. I always know I can go to her for anything, and she knows that I'd do absolutely anything for her.

The Princess and the Pea - Are you sensitive?
Yes, I'm pretty sensitive.

Godfather Death - What qualities make a good parent?
I think a good parent is somebody who teaches you from right to wrong, who would love you unconditionally and do all they can to make their child happy. Support and guidance are also important, as a parent should support their child in whatever they do, or makes them happy. I'm lucky to have parents just like this :)

The Twelve Dancing Princesses/ The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes - Do you like parties?
Like them? I love parties! I don't go out that often, but when I do like to live it up lol.

The Emperor's New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothing?
I absolutely love shopping and fashion - I sometimes don't have the money to go out buying clothes everyday, but I like to look and see what's on trend.

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave?
I'd like to say yes, but there are a lot of things that I could never do. I think I'm getting better at saying yes to different things and getting out of my comfort zone, but these things take time.

Those are my answers, I hope you enjoyed reading them. I'm only going to tag one person to do this, and that person is Katie from Katie May's Journal. Feel free to do this tag even if you haven't been tagged, it's really fun!

Catch ya later Xx


  1. Lovely answers Claire, Bobby and Saffy are so cute :) xx

  2. love this post :') bobby and saffy are adorable :') x