Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fashion for Harry

Hello! :)

So I was browsing though Sugarscape this morning when I came upon an article about the new Harry Potter fashion collection.
Let me point out to you all first that I am a HUGE Potterhead, so seeing this kinda made me squeal. Upon reading the article and seeing the items, I knew I had to buy some.

The awesome new clothing collection is from the Australian label, Black Milk. This autumn/winter collection is to do with all things magical. There are so many different articles that are so fashionable, it would make anyone buy them. My personal favourites are the Deathly Hallows leggings and the Professor Snape T- Shirt.

I can't wait for the actual launch and to see all the pieces. It's going to be MEGA!!!

Here's a link to the Sugarscape article.
Let me know what you guys think about the collection in the comment box. xx


  1. I can't wait! This post was really interesting(:

    LittleMissFashion xx

    1. Thank you :) I can't wait either, and I'm glad you liked this post xx

  2. Oh my gosh no way!? That's so exciting! I literally hyperventilated for about five seconds when i first started reading :)i'm new to blogging but would love if you checked out my blog! I love the vintage owl too btw. new follower here!

    1. I know :D I really cannot wait. I'm new too and will be happy to check out your blog, and I will follow you too.

      So glad you liked the post xx